Radio Silence Review

I had too much time not on my hands and so I read a book instead of studying for my exams and I regret it but at least the book was good. Normally when I do a full review of a book, I have thought about what I want to say in detail and I … Continue reading Radio Silence Review

Shadow Me Review

Okay, so I finally got around to getting my hands on the eBook for Shadow Me only a month and some change after it's release and I have yet to pick up Defy Me because some reviews I've read say that it's Restore Me all over again but like worse in some way. If you've … Continue reading Shadow Me Review

Six of Crows Review

Look at me, finishing a book I started so long ago I bet you all even don’t remember that I started reading it. I leave my half-way thoughts from approximately an eternity ago right here.   So "Six of Crows" by Leigh Bardugo was read by me. And it was a fantastic book. I loved … Continue reading Six of Crows Review

The 5th Wave Series (10 word reviews)

It is time, my dear friends. Once again for ten word reviews. This is me admitting to the fact that I am running low on both time and energy to write full blog posts but don't worry. My next post will hopefully finally be a full review of a book. I can't say which one … Continue reading The 5th Wave Series (10 word reviews)

Pride Month 2019

I feel as if I am the worst person in the world for saying this but... I haven't read a 'pride month' book in pride month. It's only the first week but still. I am a disgusted by my reading choices and I shouldn't be. Most of what I read in paperback ( and occasional … Continue reading Pride Month 2019

Half-way thoughts: Six of Crows

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo is my current part-time read. I have never read a book for more than four months and that is what I've been doing with this book. Taking it very slowly. So I'm hoping that by doing this, it will force my hand and I will start to read it … Continue reading Half-way thoughts: Six of Crows

The Rose and The Dagger Review

This is the first time that I can proudly exclaim that I finished a book in paperback within two weeks of starting it. I’m very proud of myself and I can’t wait to not achieve this again this year. But all jokes aside, I actually read a book and now I get to review it … Continue reading The Rose and The Dagger Review

How my reading has changed since I started writing

This is my first blog post officially talking about something other than just reading. As some people may know, I sometimes dabble in writing and I constantly always working to improve my skills and one of the biggest tips that many famous and big authors give is to read. But once you start reading for … Continue reading How my reading has changed since I started writing