Crooked Kingdom Half-way thoughts

Only half-way but we're almost there.

A Shadow Bright and Burning review

It's official friends, I finished it. I don't know when  I posted my half-way thoughts on this one but honestly, I feel like that post had more substance than this one. (Shameless plug, click right here to read that post) I read A Shadow Bright and Burning and now I have decided to share my … Continue reading A Shadow Bright and Burning review

Books I still want to read before the year is over

I did a TBR at the beginning of the year of the books I wanted to read this year and it is a little past half way through the year (by a little, I mean a whole month) but I still want to make another TBR for the rest of the year.

Finishing something (A potato writes sometimes #4)

Welcome to another instalment of me, this potato, floundering around and talking about my writing. As of recently I've been thinking (dangerous pass time, I know) a lot about where I want to take my writing and what I want to do with all of my works. Especially after I finished the 1st draft of … Continue reading Finishing something (A potato writes sometimes #4)

Radio Silence Review

I had too much time not on my hands and so I read a book instead of studying for my exams and I regret it but at least the book was good. Normally when I do a full review of a book, I have thought about what I want to say in detail and I … Continue reading Radio Silence Review

Shadow Me Review

Okay, so I finally got around to getting my hands on the eBook for Shadow Me only a month and some change after it's release and I have yet to pick up Defy Me because some reviews I've read say that it's Restore Me all over again but like worse in some way. If you've … Continue reading Shadow Me Review